Saturday, January 8, 2011


The following piece of poetry came into my mind last winter.It is the first and only one work yet I have written in English.
For different reasons I had a lot of free time and I used to spend it hiking in the closest hill. I had one very favorite spot where I loved to go and just stay, listen and watch the surrounding nature. It made me feel relaxed and pleased to be part of it. Sometimes I want to escape from mankind and be on a place where no human would go.
Both pictures above are from my winter spot.


It's winter.
I walk in the forest and leave tiny footprints behind.
I trample the deep powder and sing a song.
Wind in my ears whispers the sacred lyrics.
I wave my hand to the cold and ask it to come back later
Then I see sun smiling nicely at me
This confused allegory takes me to my secret spot.
Here is the big pine tree – my only one best friend
The generous mute listener to my thoughts and dreams...

Today I will reveal a story, one from the human race
How fondly they tried to concor the Universe's space
Blinded by their greed they dared to stand against Mother Earth
And made merciless effort, never worth

This disillusioment rapes constantly my soul
So I always run away seeking for a dole
Here in the muteness of the immense forest
I find a peace of mind, tranquility of a life very modest

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