Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Princes by Conor Grennan

Little Princes is another word of human generosity, unbreakable promise and boundless will.
The book is named after a children's house in the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. The children who inhabit the house are orphans, former victims of child traffic. This is how Conor Grennan story begins...
A twenty-nine-year-old American adventure seeker ends up as a volunteer in the Little Prince house in Nepal. His strong sense of commitment to the kids doesn't let him just take a daily care of them, but his deeds expand further more in saving more children- victims of a child traffic and slavery. This book is a real adventure for those who do not doubt generosity and
believe everything is possible even in remote Nepal as long as one has strong beliefs and genuine love.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Изумление и Трепет/Fear and Trembling

Японската вълна продължи да ме залива. Този път романът се казва "Изумление и Трепет" и е написан от ексцентричната белгийска писателка Амели Нотомб.
В него тя описва по особено интересен и забавен начин работните си приключения в голяма японска компания. Япония е страна, която Нотомб чувста като роден дом, но това бързо се променя, когато се сблъсква с културните различия, въпроса за честта и строгостта на нейните граждани.
Абсурдни ситуации, описани през призмата на млада европейка и украсени от невероятно чувство за хумор - това е в едно изречение "Изумление и Трепет".
Книжката е малка и се чете за един ден. Стилът на авторката е лишен от високопарни фрази, но за сметка на това чувството й за хумор и самоиронията взимат връхна точка. Много се забавлявах докато я четях! Амели Нотомб събуди любопитството ми и нямам търпение да опозная по-дълбоко нейното творчеството !

The Japanese wave keeps crashing my shores. This time the novel is called "Fear and Trembling", written by the eccentric Belgian author Amelie Nothomb. It tells the entertaining story of the young Amelie during a year of work experience in a big Japanese company. Since she was born in Japan she loves the country as her second home, but this changes a bit after she faces the cultural differences, the matter of honor and the strictness of its citizens. A charming, funny and elegant read about modern Japan. Nothomb's witty analysis of the absurd situations she is in all the time have a great humoristic impact on the entire novel. "Fear and Trembling is a delicious book and once you start you don't take your eyes off until you complete it!
Amelie Nothomb is my new literature discover and I am absolutely convinced to read everything that came out of her hand!